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Honolulu FrontRunners/FrontWalkers
A club that provides encouragement and support
to Gay Men, Lesbians, and Others
with an interest in Running or Walking

 NakanakaholoMua = FrontRunners

NakanakaheleMua = FrontWalkers

These five fellows are Hawaiian
based on the ancient Hawaiian art of carving figures
on rocks to depict various activities.

These are a modern version of what
Gay Runners would have looked like in Old Hawaiian Art:
they have a triangle for body;
the two to the left are male (check out the tip end at the bottom of the triangle);
the two in the middle are women (they have breasts);
and the one to the right...
well he/she's happy running while listening to his/her walkman/woman.

If there had been color in the old days,
their body would have been, without a doubt,

pink, bright, fuchsia pink.

Our History in Pictures

Breakfast Saturday morning (7/13/2024) with members from Austin Front Runners.
Saturday morning run/walk (7/13/2024). A group from the Austin Front Runners also joined us.
Our donation to Spill the Tea Café from proceeds of the Pride Run.
Saturday Morning Run/Walk – 7/6/2024.
Honolulu FrontRunner/FrontWalker participants in the Steps for Vets run/walk/roll on 6/22/2024.
Honolulu FrontRunners/FrontWalkers team in the 2024 Honolulu AIDS Walk on 6/16/2024.
2023 Christmas Eve Tree Trimming Party
JD Memorial Run, 12/23/2023
2023 Pride Parade and Festival
Frontrunners/Frontwalkers Helping at Water Station Chapson 8 K race
Christmas 2022
Helping at Water Station
Chapson 8 K race
Honululu FrontRunners Hon and Dean visiting Ft Lauderdale Front Runners
Breakfast after Run/Walk at Morey's - Aug 2022
Dining at Himalayan Kitchen, May 2022
Fourth of July 2022
Honolulu AIDS Walk 2022
Honolulu FrontRunners/FrontWalkers

Phone:  702-546-6937
Website updated on 1-22-2023
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